Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had a little fun today with the bentos.  I was trying to figure out something that I could do with a dino sandwich cutter that I had.  The kids were really interested in having a "dino" lunch.  I also remembered that it was pizza day for the two oldest, so if they didn't like it, it wouldn't be a big deal.  So, here's the result. 
Bentos for 3 kids:

Wow, fun stuff!  I've seen dinos eating brocoli trees before, but didn't think my kids would go for it... they loved it!  I figure if I can toss in a simple tree, I'm at least getting something in their lunch they never had before, and it's a veggie, so double wow!  Here's the lowdown.  all are two tier bentos.  Blue for boy, pink for girl, and two thinner pink ones for the 3 yr old girl.  Basic ingredients.... Good old Bologne and cheese sandwich, brocolli, strawberry, cucumber, grapes, cheese cutouts, tomatoes, and one lone chocolate mini muffin on the top left.  I found my spiral cutters, so I mad the cukes out of that, then used some christmas tree cutters for the trees.  I dunno if it worked, but they liked it.  Oh, the kids thought the dinos needed spots, so we added a few halloween sprinkles for eyes and spots.  Fun fun!
Happy Bento-ing!

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