Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flowers and Bones

Making bentos is starting to get easier and easier, but I find that if I don't have something in my mind, they all start to meld together.  I think that I'm going to go on a hunt for a few different cutters, or maybe I just have to go grocery shopping with bentos specifically in mind.  There are a few things that I wish we had around here in the markets - snap peas that are not frozen (none at the market, only in my sister's garden!).  I wish my kids liked broccoli more, then I could stuff a few of them in the bentos.  We did try some "pot stickers" (what I figure Gyozas are like), and next time I'm going to make more, so there are a few for lunches!

Lately my bentos have been coming back empty - the kids are eating everything!  This is both good and bad.  They aren't complaining that there is too much, but neither are they saying about there being too little.  Argh!  Either way I'm not happy I guess.

Here are todays bentos.

 The bentos basically had about the same things in them.  I'll start with the left one (flower) for my daughter.  Contents:  Bologne and cheese wrap, with a fruit to-go "leather" and a cheese flower, grapes, strawberries, brownie mini muffin, nectarine and cucumber.  I added some milk and applesauce to this as a side by request.

Bento #2 contents:  Meatballs on nail skewers covered with cheese bones, cucumbers, nectarine and fruit leather dog, brownie mini muffin in the corner, strawberries and grapes.  I added milk and a granola bar to this for extra carbs.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of little munchkin's bento today.  No biggie, it was pretty much the same, except it was in a pig bento.

That's it for tonight.  Here'e hoping I see those bento boxes SOON!  ARGH!

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