Friday, September 24, 2010

Lunches, Belts and Good News - Oh my!

I was super happy last night when I got the news that I would have a new job.  You see, we've been working on the basement, and need a little extra "stuff" money, so I figured it was time I worked more than 2 days a week.  So I applied for a job - and YAY, got an interview and the job!  So very happy.  So, in honor of my good news, I could only think of happy faces, so that's what I made!  The cheese happy faces were done with a circle cutter, a straw and a knife for the smile.  The "body" was actually a mistake that I looked at a second time and saw shoulders.  By the time I realized I could have added arms, I was too tired!

So, here it is...

3 kids bentos, all with the same kind of stuff.  "Sushi sandwiches" of bol & cheese, grapes, cukes, tomatoes, a brownie, raspberries, snap peas and a coin or car for the added chocolate value!  I have to make each level fairly similar (except for the todder's on the top) because the kids have 2 "nutrition breaks" instead of 1 lunch hour.  So.... boxes that are limited, but yummy!

My bento was a little different.  On the right:  I had chicken leftover from supper cut up, I added some black olives (a staple when all 3 kids love them), and some rolled up cukes.  Oh, and a "laughing cow" cheese peeking from underneath.  For the left side - well, I was inspired by the Caprese salads that I keep seeing, so I did a simple one - but no mozza, only Gouda.   It was... Goood - ah.  Yeah, I know, bad joke!  Also included - 2 figs.

Then, I made a Bento Belt for my son (or me). (sorry this photo should be portrait, but my settings are a little screwy)  I found Maple Leaves, and decided to add it to an elastic belt that I had already made.  Poof instant "canadian" belt.  My son loved it.  Hopefully I can find some felt bats, or cut some out and make belts for Halloween.  Something fun and spooky!
Have a good weekend everyone!
Edit:  Added to What's for Lunch Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful bentos! Mine never seem to look so nice :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Jenn! My bentos take forever to make sometimes, I'm only now getting the hang of the "cute" factor.