Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grusome faces

Well, I'm trying to get a little more creative.  Today I was faced with a few bentos with circles.  The kids also wanted "monster" sandwiches.  So, I gave it to them.  Unfortunately the pictures aren't the best, but at least you get the idea.  Tomorrow I'm going to wow you with more creativity!  Wooo Hoooo! :)

Anyway, (can you tell I'm in a good mood?)  On to the Bentos!
The kids loved their bentos today.  Can you see the monster faces?  I didn't do them too crazy, because... well, I was tired, and I didn't want the kids TOO freaked out for their first mini monsters. :)
Basically 6 boxes with the same materials in each.  That duel lunch just makes things so boring.  It will be more fun when they can decide what they want to eat, instead of just saying eat everything out of 1.
Contents:  Bologna and cheese sandwich on mini hamburger buns.  (Our Independent Grocer calls them "slider buns").  Grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, mini brownie muffins, cukes, and cheese eyes.  Not to mention the jelly beans I snuck in after I took this shoot.  Not one of my best ideas either!  Darn, gotta figure out something else for these kids!

My Bento below:  apples, bologna leftovers, yogurt covered raisins, brownie muffin, grapes, cukes, tomatoes.  I also had a box with about 5 wings from last night, and some blue Cheese sauce, but I forgot all about it, until about 3 today when I was starving!  Thankfully I was home by then! :D

Okay, off to bed, so I can do more work tomorrow!  Ack!  My house is feeling this 2 workplaces problem!

Talk to you later!

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