Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting for more

It was another regular bento day today.  I didn't have much in the way of creativity, so we went with the old standards from last year.  We didn't bento last year, but I took the regular lunch I would have sent, and bento-ized it.  The kids got pretty identical bentos.  More info on a bunch of stuff... below the bentos.
As you can see, the bentos are pretty similar.  Basically Peaches, grapes, wraps, granola bar, cukes, pepperettes, tomatoes, fish crackers and cheese.  My daughter doesn't like Babybell, so I swapped it for regular cheese in her lunch.  They also had a gold coin made of chocolate.  I like putting in little treats for their lunches, this way I figure they will be excited about their coins, and forget that I didn't put in a whole chocolate pudding. 
So far the kids haven't been complaining that they don't have time to eat everything.  Both come back nearly empty at the end of the day.  It's really awesome!

On a different note, I'm waiting patiently for a shipment from the states.  I went to online and picked up bentos.  I received the message that they are on their way.  I really hope that most of what I ordered was available.  I really hope my kids bento boxes are in there.  This way I can fiddle with them for a month before we head out to Toronto, and pick up some more goodies.  (well, maybe, depending on how this goes).

Also on my "wish" list is a rice cooker.  Maybe 8 cups, not too big.  I just finished reading an article that I heard about which talked about Roger Ebert's article about a rice cooker.  He seriously can cook almost anything in that pot.  And, what a good idea!  You bet that is going on my christmas list of things I want.  Cheap too, but then again, I would like the "timer" feature for when I leave in the morning, and want rice for supper.

Okay, I'm off to the kids open house tonight!  Have a good night!

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