Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seeing double... or quadruple.

Well it seems that bentos are coming back pretty empty.  The kids are really liking what I'm cooking up, and things are good.  I tell ya, I'm starting to run out of ideas.  I have drawn a major blank on how to make these things "cute", but who really cares?  The point is that the food is being eaten!  YAY! 

The only complaint is that yesterday my son opened both layers and had no idea what to eat.  So, I have simplified yet again, and made both layers the same (the kids have 2 short lunch breaks, not just 1).  This way the kids can pick one layer and eat everything just in that tier, and same the second one for second break.

Kids Bento contents:  mini thin hamburger bun made into Bologne and cheese sandwiches, pea pods, grapes, mini tomatoes, cucumber, apple and nectarines with a gold coin as a treat..  The pink one also has figs, but she decided at the last minute that figs were not good things to eat at school.  Okay... that's fine.  So, I ate them! :)

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