Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Bentos

So, we've been testing the bento idea out for maybe 2.5 weeks now.  I basically use Lock&Lock lunch boxes for all my bentos.  I haven't yet picked up anything very exciting.  Here's what I've been getting by on so far...
Lock & Lock boxes (a few sizes)
Silicone muffin cups (Large and Regular size)  I've picked these up at the local Home Sense or President's Choice store.
"Nail" cocktail skewers.  Picked up at Home Sense.  I love them!
Cookie cutters & fondant cutters.  Picked up at Michaels or anywhere I can find them!

And, aside from a couple of disposible "dip" cups from the dollar store, that's about it.  Nothing exciting.  So, on to the pictures.

My first Bento for the girls - Aug 17, 2010.  Left:  Pepperettes, Honeydew melon, fish crackers, champagne grapes, cheese stars, bologne and cheese wraps, & yogurt.
Right:  pretty much the same. 

August 18:

Top:  for my son:  Bologne and cheese on flax bread (supposed to be a broomstick and bat), pepperettes, cheese stars, grapes, honeydew melon, fruit strips
Bottom:  for the girls (they had identical ones): bologne and cheese wrap cut in 2, fruit strips, cheese stars, honeydew melon, grapes, yogurt in center.

Verdict:  The girls love them.  Although Youngest girlie didn't want to eat the wrap, just everything else.  May have to send "main meal" in a separate baggie, or just tell the daycare lady to pull out the wraps so she will eat them.  Both older ones loved it!

Guess we can keep going.  I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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