Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Octopi

Hello Friday!  Couldn't wait for you all week!  It's been strange adjusting to routines again. I really  hadn't made lunches in the evenings for a LONG while.  I had been so used to just throwing some processed stuff together, that I didn't have much time in the morning for much else!  Now, thanks to bento building in the evening, I have some more time with my kids during the mornings.  But, then again, I don't know what the excuse was for missing writing a note to the teacher! OR... taking a picture of my son's bento this morning *slap to the head*  Oh well..can't cry over spilt milk, his bento was pretty much like the others anyway.  So off to the bentos we go!

I was just looking around... guess I should start numbering my bentos, and get an idea of how many I actually make...  this would be Bento #24 -#27.  Wow, I've made that many already... 

This bento is really a simple one.  I only added the extra container after I realized that I hadn't added a "tummy filler" carb, and there wasn't a "snack"  So, the extra container has cheese and crackers, with a mini powdered sugar donut.  The main box is grapes, hotdog Octopi, nectarines, tomatoes with cheese flowers, cukes, and ketchup in the middle.
The next bento below is pretty much similar to the bento above.  I always wonder about sending little sticks with my youngest (age 2).  So, I left out the skewars.  My sister told me during pick up that my youngest wanted to put ketchup on everything!  She wouldn't let the ketchup be covered back up, so she even ate her nectarines with it!!!  YUCK!!

The last one is a bento for me.  Again, too much food.  I really should stop when I think I may have enough.  I didn't even touch the smallest container with cheese and crackers.  The container on the right has a caprese salad (fresh mozza, tomatoes, a little salt and olive oil and basil - sorry, the basil was dried).  The largest container was grapes, orange, nectarines, hotdog octopi, and ketchup. 

All in all... a yummy lunch.  I also had fennel & passionflower tea.  Yum... can't wait to find some new teas for the fall... since I don't drink coffee..

Okay, lots to think about for the weekend.  I'll probably be back to post about the trip we had before school, and the bentos that we packed, my first try at tamagoyaki (or as my kids call it - "Tama on yukki" which translates to "this is yukky"... I think I was REALLY crazy that day! :)


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