Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meatballs and 5 lunches

Meatball night last night, so we have some goodies for lunch today.  5 lunches.. I think I was crazy!  My son loves meatballs, so I thought it might be funny to skewer the meatballs with my "nail" skewers.  He thought it was funny.  Didn't have much energy last night after I made Onigiri (rice balls) for us, so they aren't that "cute" or funny.   My 2 youngest didn't want any, so they got sandwices and mac& cheese... well, enough talking, onto the bentos!

In the piggy sandwich box is mosty dessert (mac and cheese as the main course)  Nectarines, grape tomatoes, Onigiri, grapes, and black olives!

Bento #2 was middle child.  cuke slices, Bol & Cheese circles, grapes and tomatoes, nectarines cut up (4 gummies on top), strawberry and a sandwich on thin flat bread.  Plus a Fruit-to-go slipped on it's side at the top.

Bento #3 is all about circles.  (from the top) cukes and cheese circles, tomato, meatballs with cheese dots, babybell, nectarine and a few grapes with 3 gummy bears.

Bento #4 was for myself.  I made wayyy too much food.  But, this is a learning process.  It's about the same ingredients as in the kids bentos.  I did add some cheese curds and grapes in one box with Onigiri with little black olives and soysauce in the top box.  It's funny after I make everyone's boxes, by the time I get to mine, I want to have a little of everything - it's all so yummy!

Bento #5 was for hubby.  By this time I was tired, and I just tossed everything in!  Same kind of ingredients.  Yeah, by this time it wasn't very exciting.  Hubby got teased for getting gummi bears.  I didn't realize it was his bento when I was putting the gummies in, until it was too late - oh well! :)

Edit:  Included in What's for Lunch Wednesday


  1. What an accomplishment! 5 BENTOS?! I thought I was hot stuff when I managed to make 3 at once. Good for you, and all of the ingredients look really delicious. Leftovers are such a great way to make bento.

  2. Thanks! I really don't know what I would do if I didn't make that "little extra" most nights for the next days bentos. I figure that a few little veggies/meat will get eaten by the kids, rather than a big helping.
    Thanks for dropping by!