Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day of Work, and a bentos during interviews.

Life is exciting around here today.  I started my first day of work of my 2nd (yes, 2nd) job.  This job I LOVE!  I was kind of chicken tho, because I was worried about bringing in a bento - and what would people say.  BUT, I HAD to bring in my bento, because I had made it part of my interview (more on that later), so I would feel like a fraud if I opted NOT to bring it.  Ahh... so, simple bentos it was... here we go.

This Bento was mine today.  I loved it!  pepperettes, apple and a new granola bite thanks to Another Lunch, which is another wonderful Bento Blog.  Things just weren't sticking so I had to add 1/4 cup flour and a beaten up egg.  The kids and hubby loved it!  Whoops, got sidetracked.  Bottom box has a kiwi, some black olives, snap peas, carrots, cucumber and a laughing cow cheese.  I brought a little tahini dip dressing to dip my veggies into, and it was great!  Loved it! 

The kids:

An easy bento x2.  Pretty much the same as mine.  Bologne and cheese wrap, grapes, black olives, cheese stars, cucumbers, mini tomatoes, carrots, and a granola bite.  Most of the bento came back empty.  My daughter tried the granola bites, and politely asked that I don't include them into her lunch, but she will eat them at home if they are warmed.  Drat!  Should have never let her have them straight out of the oven!  Oh well!  I also slipped in a few jelly beans.  Not a great idea, since they got a bit mushy and my son wouldn't eat one of his wraps because it had "jelly bean stuff" all over it.  Since when does a kid not eat something because it tastes a little like candy!  Go figure!  Oh well, it all went over fairly well, and they didn't starve!  Mission accomplished!

Okay so quickly, how did I include a bento in my interview?  I wanted to show that I had a passion for things.  That I could think "outside the box", and that I was different.  So, I explained during the interview how I tackled problems by explaining about my son who would come back with lunches that were barely eaten.  I figured out that he didn't "have time" to open lunch containers because he was too busy chatting.  So, I worked with his normal tendencies, and tried doing bentos instead.  You don't know what bentos are?  Sure, let me show you one.  I figure that it made me memorable, and landed me the job.  Funny.  Last time I got my big job because I showed them that I was prepared for family and work because I used my slow cooker a lot.  Funny story.  You never know what will show off who you are, and how you tackle different situations.

Okay, gotta go to bed.  another big day tomorrow.  Nite!  Happy bento-ing!

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