Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of Men, stars and Meatballs

Slowly I'm getting the hang of bento making.  According to my list, this is bento #36 & #37.  Wow.  I should do something fun when I hit #50.  Funny... I keep seeing other people with bento #814 or Bento # 97.  Hmm... will I make it that far? Possibly.  Especially if my new bento boxes ever decide to show up!  ARGH!  Sometimes my patience just goes out the window.  I'm hoping that they show up tomorrow, one way or another.  So, onto the bentos.
I didn't go to work today, so I only made 2 bentos for the kids.  Pretty similar, with only a few substitutions.  Bento on the left, contents:  Meatballs on my nail skewers, yellow mini tomatoes, crackers with cheese stars, fresh raw peas, craisins and grapes, leftover spaghetti squash with a red pepper and cheese butterfly.  I also snuck in a chocolate coin and later was requested to put in a brownie mini-muffin.

My daughters on the right is pretty much the same, but since she didn't want meatballs, she got her regular bologne and cheese wrap.

I'm really surprised how empty the bentos came back today (and they remembered to bring back the fork!).  I also packed the regular milk, applesauce (daughter) and granola bar (son) for the kids.  My son ate everything except the squash and red pepper butterfly and star.  He said that he "couldn't handle it".  Meanwhile my daughter's came back completely empty.  I really thought that the spaghetti squash would come back for both boxes, but I guess that when it's just that little bit, it okay.  Strange, my son really liked it for dinner the night before.  Oh well.  I guess some things are just better warm.  I'm glad that at least the red peppers were tasted!

I did a little research on some of the charaben and other fancy designs that I have been following.  I just don't understand how some things can come together - what food are they using!  Well, Anna the Red came through.  It's an egg sheet (some with colouring). It is seriously cool.  I wonder what the kids would think?  I have to put it into the back of my mind and use it at home first before I send it out there with the kids.  I mean, I'm all for making things cute, but in the end if the food comes back, then my whole reason for doing bentos is out the window.

Okay, gotta go!  I got some good news today - interview for a new job on Monday.  I'm really excited, but I'm starting to come down, and now I'm wondering what the heck I have to offer them!  EEK!  Anyway, goodnight!

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